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Do you feel like you're functioning on autopilot only focused on doing what you have to do to get through each and every day?

Do you allow people to do or say things that hurt your feelings, make you angry or uncomfortable but you let it go because you're afraid of causing a scene or having a confrontation?

Do you believe that being a good wife and mum means you need to put yourself and your dreams and goals aside for the good of the family?

Do you feel unhappy with the state of your relationship but see no way out or way forward?

Do you strive to be the best mum you can be but struggle with fear and guilt and just hope and pray you don't fuck it up too much and they grow up to be good humans?

Rediscover Who You Are - be fully aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and know yourself on a deeper level
Love Yourself - take care of yourself, achieve your goals and follow your dreams because you are just as important as your partner and kids
Set Healthy Boundaries - create healthy boundaries and consistently maintain them
Create Loving Relationships - create an open, loving and committed relationship full of respect, support and appreciation
Raise Good Humans - be consciously aware of your role in raising your kids to be kind, independent and responsible people

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This is your opportunity to have someone REALLY listen to you. To acknowledge and validate everything you have given up to be the best wife and mum you can be. To ask you what it is YOU need and want, on a deeper level, to love yourself and your life again.

I provide you with a safe, confidential space to release your emotions and share the dreams you are too afraid, busy or exhausted to chase.

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By creating space for yourself, filling your cup and reaching your goals you will then have more energy and drive to show up in every other area of your life.

MORE than a Mumma experience delivered over 12 weeks includes:

  • 1 x Deep Dive (90minutes)

  • 6 x Coaching Sessions (one 60 minute session every two weeks)

  • 1 x Celebration Session (90 minutes)

  • Delivered via Zoom or in person (Gold Coast only)

  • Between session support, coaching and accountability

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