My husband and I met at the age of 18, he was my first and I was his.  Within 3 weeks we were talking marriage and kids.  We just knew.  I remember having vague dreams of becoming a teacher (probably because I like telling people what to do) but when I met my husband all I wanted was to get married and have kids.  Years later when I had accomplished those not so lofty goals it was shit.  I was exhausted, unappreciated, resentful, angry, lonely and lost.  I had no patience, no self-confidence, no sense of self and no direction.  I lived for my husband and my kids and their happiness was my only priority.

On a daily basis I was contemplating divorce because I was deeply unhappy and blamed my husband for not taking on that responsibility like I had for him.  Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended I get in contact with a life coach she had worked with and that was when I realised how I had created the life I found intolerable.  As soon as I claimed responsibility and became accountable for where I was at I was released from the victim mindset and could see a way forward.  I went through a process of deep self-development and personal growth to rediscover who I was and who I wanted to be.  I developed skills for interacting differently with my husband and my kids so that I could still be the mother and wife that I wanted to be but remain whole and true to myself and follow my dreams.

I now work with women who feel just like I felt.  Those women who have given up on their dreams, have made themselves their lowest priority and who feel angry, sad and afraid most of the time.  They are struggling and can’t see a way out.

I’ve been there and know first-hand what that’s like and I’m proof that it can be different.  It can be amazing.  With love, support, laughs and a good dose of swear words you will learn how to discover who you really are and what steps you need to take to create the life that you dream of and deserve.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’ll help you find it.