Actually it's more than that...


You're sick and tired! Done with juggling all the things for everyone else and carrying the mental load of who needs what, for when and how you're going to make that happen.


You need to just STOP, but if you don't do it, who will?


You think you need a break, a bit of time for yourself but that's not going to solve your problem. You believe the problem is you are unappreciated and unsupported BUT the actual problem is you've CHOSEN to take on more than your fair share and you resent your partner and kids for it.


What you need is a MASSIVE shift, a BIG change, a NEW way of doing life.


Take stock of all the different areas of your life

Get a clear picture of how you want those areas to look and feel

Review your priorities, responsibilities and beliefs

Get super clear on who you are and what you deserve

Put PROVEN strategies in place to make it happen

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Learn how to voice your needs

Create healthy boundaries

Believe that you are worth the effort

Deal with the internal and external resistance

Do MORE of what you love

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LESS overwhelmed

LESS stressed




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I am a qualified life coach and I’m here to coach, mentor and guide you to know, love and honour yourself.

I'm the life coach for busy working Mummas who want to create time for themselves, make their needs a priority (without the Mum Guilt!) and be

MORE than Mummas.


MORE than a Mumma

3 month, 1:1 coaching

8 sessions

My "More than a Mumma" coaching program will have you refocusing and rediscovering your authentic self, making time for the things you love to do and still be the awesome mum you are.

1 x 90min coaching session

Learn skills and receive tools you can implement NOW to help you feel MORE energised and excited about life.

3 x 60min coaching sessions


Short term support to

create a little more SPACE for yourself so you can create that change you so desperately need.





Tanya was there for me when I was going through a really tough time. I was in a dark place and I needed an ear and some guidance.


She helped me get through the emotion and out of my head, to devise a plan, it really helped me let go of the state I was in and move on with my day with ease.


Thank you for being that ear when it was needed.


- LYNDLE, Sydney