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6 Things You Can Do to Implement a Spiritual Practice

Spirituality is a very personal and individualised concept; it means different things to different people. What resonates with one person will not with another and there’s no one size fits all.

Below is a list of spiritual practices that I use. Some I do every day and others I do a few times a week. This is not a complete list and I’m always looking for other ways to strengthen my connection to myself and the Universe.

֎ Meditation Taking as much time as I have allotted myself, I sit in my favourite chair and listen to a guided meditation. Sometimes I have 30 mins, sometimes only 15mins. I focus on my breath, releasing the tension I’ve been holding in my body and try to let go of all the monkey chatter going on in my head (not always easy, let me tell you). I’ve tried a few different guided meditations and encourage you to check out different apps and YouTube.

֎ Angel Cards I have a set of angel cards that I use a few times a week to give me guidance and encouragement. I’m not a pro by any stretch of the imagination and haven’t graduated to doing a full spread or reading for myself and am happy to shuffle through my deck (face down) until a card pops out of the deck for me.

֎ Essential Oils Instead of deodorant, I apply these every day. Just so we’re clear I DO use and odourless anti-perspirant! I have my favourites and depending on my mood and the way I want to feel depends on the oil/oils I apply. I use doTerra but there are other high grade oils on the market so find the ones that you like.

֎ Yoga I do yoga twice a week, without fail. Also known as moving meditation this is guaranteed to get me out of my head for a couple of hours. It’s hard to focus on all the stresses and issues I’ve faced during the day when I’m trying to kiss my own butt!

֎ Positive Affirmations Some people use post-it-notes stuck around the house, some people journal, but what I find works for me is repeating positive affirmations to myself, either silently in my head or out loud (when I’m alone – I get enough weird looks thank you very much). I choose an issue that is troubling me and create a positive outcome that empowers me and lifts my mood. We create what we focus on so it makes sense to focus on what we want, right?

֎ Read, Read, Read I LOVE books and spiritual/self-help books are my thing (when I’m not reading mummy porn #dontjudge). I’m always open to new concepts, new strategies and new ways to grow spiritually and develop my connection and intuition. Cruise through your local bookstore, library, op-shop and see what kind of treasures you can discover.

I hope you found this list useful and I’d love to hear about your spiritual practice.


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