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How To Find What You Are Looking For

I meditate every day. It is a gift that I give myself. Space to look within and remove myself from the emotions and pressures of everyday life. I have a playlist on Spotify that I've created (I'll include links below) but am always open to trying new ones depending on the experience I'm needing or looking for.

Today I did a 30 minute meditation hypnosis designed to find my purpose. I already know what that is but I was looking for clarity on what that will look like for me.

Deep into the hypnotic meditation, I found myself in a market place in Italy. I was standing in a busy calle looking at all the beautiful produce on offer in a particular shop. I had a really strong feeling that there were people all around me that needed me, were looking for me but couldn't see me. I was thinking "I'm here! I'm right here. I'm here for you."

I knew then that I had to make myself more visible. I needed to rise above the crowd and make myself known. I was looking for them as much as they were looking for me. We were searching but not seeing.

It was a very profound vision, one that has a very deep meaning for me. Sometimes that one thing we are searching for is right there in front of us but we can't see it because we expect it to look like something else. We need to be open to it appearing in a different form.

Listen to my meditation playlist here:

I'd love your feedback on my meditation playlist, so feel free to share.


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