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How To Know When To Let Shit Go

At what point do you decide that what you're holding onto is holding you back?

I recently made the decision to step away from my coaching business as a full time gig and look for paid employment. My determination and blind faith in my abilities to create a thriving business that would provide my family with financial freedom were tested to their limits.

My initial thoughts were that my business would become my side hustle and I’d do it in and around my work and family commitments. I figured that I could organically grow my following and slowly foster that ‘like know trust’ which is SO important when you are partnering with amazing women to transform the way they DO life.

What I realised was that I would still need to maintain a pretty solid social media presence so I didn’t appear to drop off the face of the Earth.

Here in lies the issue…

Throughout the months of June and July I’ve really struggled to post consistently on any of my platforms. Back in April and May I was fucking nailing it. Everything was created in advance and scheduled for the entire month, I even got to a stage where I was posting multiple times a day. GO ME!!

So what happened?

The longer it took for my business to gain traction, the longer I went without earning any revenue the more desperate, needy and stressed I became. Energetically I was pushing and forcing an outcome that was not ready to appear and my creativity suffered as a result.

I’d sit for hours in front of my laptop desperately trying to come up with content that would grab attention, resonate, connect and engage and end up creating sweet fuck all. Then I spend the rest of the day mindlessly watching YouTube videos and playing Candy Crush, then spend the evening feeling guilty and lazy and unworthy of calling myself a business woman.

I read somewhere that “a relationship is like a fart, if you have to force it, it’s probably shit”. The same goes for my creativity so I’ve decided to just let it go. To stop pushing and forcing and start trusting that where I’m at is where I’m supposed to be and that the messages that I need to share will come to me in divine timing.

How do you know when it’s time to let shit go?

The time to let go is when no matter how much to try, how hard you work, or how much you push, it’s just not happening.

The time to let go is when you’re so focused on an issue that you go through life on autopilot. Ever been so deep in thought, obsessed about an issue or situation that you aren’t really present mentally and emotionally in what’s happening right now?

The time to let go is when something that’s supposed to make you happy, makes you miserable.

The time to let go is when you can’t move forward because you’re holding on to something that is keeping you stuck.

It all comes down to trust

There comes a time when you just need to trust in the process and release what’s keeping you stuck, holding you back and sucking the life out of you. Believe that when you let that shit go you will be open to receive something else; something better.

I like to journal it out

“I am ready to release the belief that I should post on social media every day” “I am ready to trust that what I’m meant to be doing will reveal itself at the right time” “I am ready to allow instead of force “I am open to new possibilities that I’m not aware of yet”

If you are holding onto what’s not working your hands aren’t open to catch what is coming FOR you.

Time to let that shit go, my love.

Let me know in the comments if this resonated with you.


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