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The Butterfly and the Life Coach

Let me tell you a story about a butterfly. She’s beautiful, resplendent, magnificent and trapped. Trapped inside her cocoon. She can’t see her beauty or her potential. She feels like she’s been struggling forever and she’s so very tired. It’s dark inside her cocoon and she wants to just give up. It’s just so hard. She can’t move, can’t breathe.

I understand where she is and how she is feeling, I see her potential, I see her beauty. I see what she can’t see. I believe in her even when she doesn’t believe in herself.

I lean in close and I whisper to her; keep going, wriggle to the left, now to the right, you can do this. When a tiny crack appears in her cocoon we celebrate together. Bit by bit she begins to emerge. The glorious bright colours that were always present are beginning to show. WE keep working, WE keep going, revealing more and more of her true self every day.

Then she emerges….

Into the warming glow of the sun, a light breeze caresses her face and lifts her wings. She spreads them wide, tilts her face to the sky and takes a breath. A real breath, like it’s the first one she has taken in too many years.

She feels her power surge through her, she did it!

What do you have in common with that butterfly? Do you feel stuck; trapped in your cocoon and struggling to break free.

I am the one who leans in and whispers to you, encourages you to keep going. I support you, guide you, celebrate your wins with you. I lovingly push you; knowing that you can do it.

The butterfly decided it was time to change and time to fly. It’s time for you to. Time for YOU, time for change.

I know you can fly, I believe in YOU.

If you need that voice in your ear let me know here.


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