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Start again

I’m struggling with consistency. I’ve put a walking regime in place that I have religiously adhered to for the past several weeks. Up at 5:30am Mon-Fri and 20mins on the treadmill. On the weekends I walk to the local football stadium and back which takes me just over 30mins.

Whilst focusing on my consistency with regard to exercise I have lost focus on other things that are important to me like posting on social media and my coaching studies. I have multiple excuses I could give you but that is all they would be. Stories I tell myself and you to justify my inaction. My own coach calls them BED time stories. Blame. Excuse. Denial.

So, there is no shame in starting again. You, me, we all have false starts and stalled journeys and there is no shame in that.

It’s just a shame if you DON’T start again.


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