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How to Turn “Shelf” Help Into Self Help

There are thousands of self help books on the market and not all of them will truly speak to you. Some concepts and strategies have hit me like a tonne of bricks and others are just Meh. I’ve often fallen into the trap of ploughing through one book after another and making a half-arsed attempt at implementing their suggestions. Within a week (or few days) I’ve fallen off the spiritual wagon and not achieved much of anything except something else to feel guilty about and another thing to add to the “Should” list. You know that list.

So how do you go from filling your bookshelves with dust collectors (shelf help) to filling your heart and mind with inspirational, motivational thoughts and consistently putting them into practice in your daily life (self help)?

Good question, I’m glad you asked!

Find a few books that really move you. The ones that light you up, make you gasp, and say “YES! That’s what I’ve been searching for.”

Pick one or two strategies to add to your daily life. Any more than that and you will become overwhelmed, run out of time and not enjoy and truly embody the action you are trying to take. It becomes a chore not a pleasure.

Self help books rarely have just one step that you need to follow, if they did it would be a leaflet not a book. That doesn’t mean you have to apply them all at once. It pays to get one step deeply embedded into your spiritual ritual before adding anymore. Choose which strategies resonate with you and implement them in whatever order feels right for you. I often take a tool from one book and combine it with a tool from another book. You do you Boo.

Spirituality is not one size fits all and neither are the books written to support and guide us. Work out what works for you and start small then keep building.

I’ve added a few of my favourite books here:

  • The Slight Edge

  • The Four Agreements

  • The Mastery of Love

  • Ping

  • E2 (E squared)

Enjoy xx


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