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My Meditation Journey

Meditation isn’t for everyone. Some people are into it and some people aren’t.

Some people think it’s a crock of shit and some people can’t live without it.

I acknowledge its power to bring presence and mindfulness. I want to be one of those people who can’t live without it. But my practice, to date, is half-arsed. Some days I do it, some days I tell myself I’m too busy. Some days I sit there and consistently focus on my breath and some days I’m focused on my nagging ‘to do’ list and my annoying nose whistle.

The feeling that surfaces the most is guilt. I ‘should’ be doing something constructive.

Nasty word that..


Us coaches are always on the look out for the ‘shoulds’ in our client’s stories. It’s a sign that there is a subconscious law that must be obeyed. When this word pops up for you, ask yourself ‘who says I should?’

Anyway, back to my half-arsed meditation practice. #ramblemuch

Despite not always hitting the Zen sweet spot I keep trying because it’s ok that I’m not always consistent. It’s ok that I have self-limiting beliefs. It’s ok that I get distracted (I’m a busy working mum). All of it is OK.

Today though, I hit that sweet spot. I was fully engaged in my 15 min practice. I felt the peace, I felt the glow, I felt the energy.

My guardian angel, Archangel Michael, was right there with me. In my mind’s eye we did the iconic Titanic scene together. My arms were wide, my heart was open, I was loved and supported.

It was amazing and I want more. That experience will keep me coming back for more. Some days I’ll have that again and some days I won’t. And that’s OK.

My advice is to find what works for you. Silence, music, guided meditations, singing bowls, chimes, timed, untimed. Try it all. There are plenty of apps, Spotify tracks and YouTube videos.

I love the Calm app and Mei-lan on YouTube.

Find what works for you and then change things up as often as you want. Meditation is a very personal practice and what is right for someone else may not be right for you. Find your groove and stick at it.




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