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So this is what connection to the Universe is like…

I’ve been reading a book called the Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein which is a guide on how to lean into love, away from fear and place your faith in the energy and power of the Universe.

The sensations Gabrielle describes when she’s in full alignment have been eluding me until today.

It was a normal Saturday morning; drop son at work, do the grocery shopping.

Everyone I interact with, everyone I pass is occupied. Occupied with their work, occupied with the people they’re with and occupied with themselves.

About half way through my journey down the grocery isles I realise that I truly LOVE all these people. The parents with a young bub, the father and his son, the hot dude in the veggie section clutching his produce, the old guy who cut me off twice!

I love them all!

They are me and I am them. We are all the same.

I fought the urge to tell all these random strangers how I felt. Nothing screams escapee from a psych ward like a random chick approaching you in the toilet paper isle saying she loves you.

I felt like I was glowing, radiating with the love and joy I felt. Maybe it was the double shot long black I had before I hit the isles, maybe it was the sex I had the night before, but I don’t think so (sorry hubby).

I’m convinced it was me finally aligning with the flow of energy from the Universe.

I felt like a million dollars, like I could achieve anything and now that I know how it feels I will be consciously cultivating those thoughts and feelings as often as I can. I will lean into love, patience, acceptance and flow.

Namaste my loves.

I love yous all.



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