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What Does It Mean?

As I sit here in my study and work on my business I can hear my husband unpacking the dishwasher. He lets out a deep sigh, he’s angry with me for not unpacking it myself.

Is he really?

I’ve just assigned a powerful, negative meaning to a simple exhalation of air. Now I’m pissed off because he’s pissed off. Then my subconscious provides evidence to back up my assumptions; he’s hardly spoken to me all morning. When he did speak with me he’s been curt and subdue

Assumption is a dangerous habit. It ignores the facts.

Here are the facts: Hubby has just done four night shifts in a row. Hubby hates night shift – he tells me this every time he has to do them. I have Monday’s at home to focus on my study and my business and he supports this. He was in the kitchen when the dishwasher finished. He unpacked it.

Here is the truth: He just came into the study to ask if I needed anything, asked how I was going, gave me a kiss and left me to get back to work.

So the question you need to ask yourself is; what false meaning are you attaching to the words or actions of those around you?

Does their behaviour really mean what you ASSUME it means?

You know what they say?

Don’t assume anything, it makes an ASS out of U and ME.


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