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Where Are You?

Where are you?

I don’t mean your physical location. I can guess that; stuck in peak hour traffic on your way to your shitty job, standing in front of the ironing board with an overflowing washing basket next to you, on the other end of the vacuum cleaner, on your hands and knees in front of the toilet scrubbing away skid marks or lying in bed crying because you feel so tired and alone.

I’ve been to those same places too. And let’s face it, life is life and I still go to some of those places but I go as ME. I go as the woman who is working towards a better life, I go as the woman who went overseas with her best friend for 3 weeks without her husband and kids, I go as the woman who is learning to play guitar, I go as the woman who does yoga twice a week. I go as the woman who knows who I am and what I want and am making that happen for myself. For a very long time I lost myself and I identified myself as the mum, wife, cook, cleaner, employee etc.

So, where are YOU?

And how do you find yourself if you’re lost?

“Lost is not a place, it’s a soul in paralysis waiting to feel moved” - Alfa

Look within, and start asking yourself what makes you happy, what do you really want. We often feel lost because we don’t have a destination clearly defined. Once we know what it is we want we can then start to work out how to get there.

What do you REALLY want?


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