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WTF is Spiritually Aligned Action?

Gabby Bernstein maintains that to succeed as a spiritual entrepreneur (and who doesn’t want that?) you need to take spiritually aligned action.

What the fuck is that?

How do I know if the action I have taken is spiritually aligned?

During a recent coaching session, my amazing coach (yes, all good coaches have their own coach) asked me what my energy and vibes were like. I realised that I had allowed recent losses, failures and negative experiences have a detrimental effect on my vibes. 80-90% of the time I was operating from a place of sadness, fear, desperation and lack.

And how was that working out for me? GREAT (NOT!).

Then my amazing coach asked me how I want to feel; empowered, confident, calm, light and joyous. And what actions make me feel that way?

I started by re-vamping my vision board. One of the images I placed on it was of a beautiful planner with lots of full dates, bright colours and personalisation. That’s one of the things I want. A beautiful, busy, creative and personalised planner for next year full of client bookings and professional and personal development.

I dug out my old Day Timer planner form 2015, bought new inserts and began adding my personal touches. I called upon my past life as a card maker and scrapbooker and before I knew it all those juicy feelings were back.

I felt confident, I felt empowered, I felt joy AND I took action!!

I explored avenues I hadn’t thought of before. I created connections that weren’t there before. I took spiritually aligned action!

Action that lit me up, filled me with excitement and joy.

That’s what spiritually aligned action is. It’s doing those things that give you all the feelings you want to feel, the ones that you know in your heart and gut are the right ones for you.


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